Top 10 websites for internship opportunities!

Top 10 websites for internship opportunities!


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This article is specifically for those in the UK seeking an internship opportunity.

An internship is 3 to 4 months of work experience. Employers hire university students for summer internships. An internship is a great way to gain remarkable experience without interrupting your university degree. It can help you understand what you want to do as a career by reinforcing your beliefs or realizing that you should try something different.


Prospects provides a wide selection of graduate and postgraduate opportunities. Prospects is part of Jisc, a digital, data and technology agency focused on education, research and innovation.

On Prospects, you can learn about:

  • Jobs and work experience.

  • Postgraduate study.

  • Careers advice.

  • Applying for a UK university.


TargetJobs is a career hub dedicated to graduates. TargetJobs goes beyond providing opportunities for graduates: TargetJobs is a career platform for students and graduates based in the UK.

TargetJobs offers the following:

  • Graduate programmes, graduate jobs, internships and work experience.

  • Careers advice.

  • Careers advice tools.

  • Careers events, awards and competitions.

What's the difference between a graduate scheme and a graduate job?

A graduate scheme is an employer's program that usually lasts 1-2 years. A graduate scheme aims to place you in a team within the organization. A graduate scheme usually includes extensive training. A graduate job is an entry-level job targeted to people fresh from university.


GradCracker is a UK career platform for graduates who possess a STEM degree. A STEM degree is a degree in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

GradCracker offers the following:

  • Degree apprenticeship opportunities.

  • Placements/Internships opportunities.

  • Graduate jobs.

On GradCracker, you can filter companies and sectors in alphabetical order.


StudentJob is a platform dedicated to everyone in Sweden, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands looking for a job.

StudentJob is different from the other platforms because it was born to solve the problem of finding a part-time job.

However, now it has extended and partners with employers to connect them with the best candidates looking for internships, placements, and graduate positions.


RateMyPlacement is one of the best UK websites for students seeking placements, internships and graduate schemes. RateMyPlacement offers the following:

  • Hundreds of live jobs.

  • Students' reviews.

  • Career advice.

  • Competitions and events.


Milkround is one of the UK's most used websites for students searching for internships, placements, graduate jobs and graduate schemes.

On Milkround, you can filter jobs by sector, location, and company. Milkround also offers a School Leavers section for school and college leavers.

On Milkround you can search for:

  • Intermediate, advanced, higher apprenticeships.

  • Sponsored degrees.

  • Traineeships.

And more.


DigitalGrads is a startup specialising in early careers in tech and media. DigitalGrads offers free training, internships, and exclusive job opportunities.

On DigitalGrads you can:

And more.

Employment 4 Students (E4S)

Employment 4 Students (E4S) is a website that provides opportunities for students looking for a job during term time or holidays. E4S also offers the following:

  • Gap Year jobs.

  • Internships.

  • Entry-level jobs or advice for school leavers.


GOV.UK is a UK Government website where you can search for internships. On GovUK you can also find the following:


Internwise is a UK online platform specializing in internship opportunities. Internwise also offers the following:

  • Work experience.

  • Entry-level roles.


After reading this article, you have learned about 10 websites to search for internship opportunities.

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