What To Expect From Your First 3 Months As A Software Developer

What To Expect From Your First 3 Months As A Software Developer

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·Nov 14, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Introduction to the Team
  • Setting up the Development Environment
  • Getting to Know the Company’s Processes
  • Work on Minor Tickets

The first three months as a software developer are the most challenging because everything is new to you: the people, the company processes, and the codebase.

This article will show you what to expect in your first three months as a software developer.

Bear in mind that a lot depends on the size of the company.

Let's start.

Introduction to the Team

You will have an introduction to the team you will be working with.

If the company uses Scrum, the introduction should happen during the standup meeting, which is a 15-minute meeting where team members gather to explain what they did the day before, the plan for the current day and if there are any blockers.

Since you'll be a new joiner, this meeting could last more than 15-minutes.

The company may send a welcome pack to your home address, with a tote bag, water bottle, and other gadgets, as a warm welcome to the organization.

You should get to know the members of your team and your manager.

This phase is usually relatively informal.

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Setting up the Development Environment

Setting up the development environment means installing the applications necessary to do your job as a software developer.

You may have to ask for passwords and permissions to access some applications during this process.

Typically, you'll install an IDE and gain access to the codebase, project management tools, database, cloud, monitoring application(s), and other services.

This process can take 2/3 weeks (sometimes even more). It's shorter if the company has well-written and updated documentation.

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Getting to Know the Company’s Processes

The company will introduce you to its internal processes during the first three months.

Members of the Human Resources team carry this out.

They will show you how to use the internal company's portal to:

  • Company structure (the hierarchy)
  • Company benefits (annual leave entitlement, sick leave policy, pension, etc.)

Work on Minor Tickets

Navigating a new codebase is tough. It takes months (in my humble opinion, a minimum of 6 months) to understand what's going on with the codebase and how different services communicate.

A "ticket", in short, is a task.

It's an excellent idea to ask questions about the codebase during this phase.

For example, you could ask about the following:

  • The deployment process of the company
  • Code review process of the company

Your first three months are when you should familiarize yourself with the testing methodology of the company, how different applications communicate together, the tools the company use to deploy applications, how requirements are gathered, etc.

You must get as many doubts cleared as possible when you first start and that you document all your questions.

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This article taught you what to expect during your first three months as a software engineer.

How did you find your first three months as a software engineer? What would you add to this article? Let me know in the comments.

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