Top 10 Best YouTube Channels For Software Engineers

Top 10 Best YouTube Channels For Software Engineers


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As a software engineer, there's this ongoing pressure to constantly learn and stay updated with the latest news and trends happening in the tech space.

This article will list the top 10 best YouTube channels for software engineers.

The list will help you with the following:

  • Upskill on new technologies.

  • Refresh some old concepts.

  • Prepare for coding interviews.

  • Stay updated with the tech space.

Let's start.

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Continuous Delivery by David Farley

Subscribers: 172k

David Farley is the book Modern Software Engineering and Continuous Delivery author.

The Continuous Delivery channel is dedicated to explaining how to deliver modern software faster.

It covers topics such as CD (continuous delivery), DevOps, and Test-Driven Development.

You'll find this channel extremely valuable because it covers software engineering from an enterprise point of view.

You'll relate to his channel if you're a professional software engineer.


Subscribers: 435k

NeetCode is a channel dedicated to preparing for coding interviews.

The YouTuber behind the channel is a current software engineer at Google who loves teaching.

He covers Leetcode questions asked by FAANG companies.


Subscribers: 205k

Simon, the YouTuber behind the channel, is on a mission to make tech accessible to everybody.

He covers content such as JavaScript, Git and GitHub on his channel.

He has full-length tutorials on how to learn HTML and CSS, branching and merging, etc.

This channel will be helpful to you if you're a front-end engineer.

The Coding Interview

Subscribers: 41.3k

This channel will benefit you if you go through coding interviews and need help with coding problems.

The channel covers common questions asked during interviews.

This YouTube channel will help you prepare for software engineering interviews.

Zero To Mastery

Subscribers: 65.4k

Zero to Mastery is one of the best YouTube channels to learn in-demand tech skills.

The channel covers topics such as HTML and CSS, Python, React, and Rust.

It also has tutorials on Github, Open Source, LinkedIn optimisation, etc.

Khan Academy Computing

Subscribers: 102k

Khan Academy Computing is a YouTube channel that covers computer science-style topics.

Understanding some maths concepts that can be useful for software engineers is helpful.

Google TechTalks

Subscribers: 342k

Google is one of the most powerful and influential tech companies globally.

This channel features high-quality talks on technical topics such as Web3 and Golang.

This is one of the best YouTube channels if you enjoy staying updated with technology.

Bloomberg Technology

Subscribers: 524k

Bloomberg is one of the top fintech companies known for providing financial software.

No wonder Bloomberg has its dedicated technology channel.

The Bloomberg Technology channel serves more as a technology-news channel.

You'll find this channel of value if you enjoy staying updated with what is happening in tech worldwide.

A topic that Bloomberg Technology covers is Artificial Intelligence's impact on different industries.

IBM Technology

Subscribers: 470k

IBM is a well-known and reputable company specialising in computer hardware, middleware and software.

The IBM Technology channel offers high-quality content on different topics such as backend engineering (GraphQL, REST), cyber security, automation, etc.

I watched videos from this channel multiple times while going through interviews as a software engineer.

The quality of the content is high, and the teachers do an excellent job of breaking complex concepts using simple words.


Subscribers: 18.6M

Ted-Ed covers an infinite amount of topics. It also has a lot of content on computing.

I'm adding Ted-Ed to this list because topics are explained in a simple, engaging, informative format.

It's ideal if you struggle to understand some technical concepts (for example, how computer memory works).

Search for "Ted-Ed Computing", and you'll be able to find computing-related content.


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