5 Tips for Computer Science Students To Excel In Their Careers

5 Tips for Computer Science Students To Excel In Their Careers


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Computer science is a rapidly evolving field; as a student, staying up-to-date and motivated is important. Whether you're just starting out or nearing graduation, these five tips can help you stay focused and successful in your studies.

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Choose experience over salary

When you graduate (and while studying), your main focus is getting quality experience. This could be via internships, placements, boot camps, workshops, or hackathons.

Getting real-world experience will compound over time, and your salary will grow rapidly as a by-product.

Employers will pay for what you can do.

Take advantage of any opportunity to gain experience, either for free or paid.

Put yourself in situations where:

  • You can use your communication skills.

  • You can problem solve.

  • You can work as part of a team.

  • You can demonstrate your leadership skills.

  • You can demonstrate conflict management skills.

Any scenario where you can boost your skills will benefit you in the long run.

First, you work for experience, and then the experience will work for you in the future.

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Attend networking events

Networking is a great way to meet people who can share useful insights on how the real world works.

Attend face-to-face meetups, webinars, conferences, and employability events.

Network to make friends because friends are the ones who will help you.

Networking can help you land your next role.

76% of job seekers ranked employee referrals as being of high to extremely high importance. Employee referrals ranked higher than company career sites, job boards and even LinkedIn. You may not believe all the experts who proclaim the power of networking, but you can’t dismiss the advice when job seekers report how important referrals are as a resource.[Careers Action]

Also, being active in developer communities helps with visibility.

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Stick with one language and framework

You should avoid jumping from one language to another and constantly changing frameworks as they come out.

If you intend to become a software engineer, focus on the basic skills:

  • Learn core programming concepts.

  • Learn how to break down a problem into sub-problems.

Pick whatever language you like and stick with it for some time.

As time passes, you will learn more languages, tools, and frameworks, but I think there is no point in learning multiple languages and frameworks to make your CV look fuller (or “experienced”).

Be open to other career paths

Many computer science students consider software engineering as a natural progression.

There's nothing wrong with pursuing a software engineering career. However, the technology field is vast, and many positions often go neglected.

Some examples are:

Do your research and find the best path that works for you.

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University does a great job teaching the fundamentals, which don't change.

The computer science field is rapid and changes all the time.

Stay updated on the latest trends and technologies.

How to do that?

  • Read blogs.

  • Watch YouTube videos.

  • Follow StackOverflow.

  • Use Twitter, Hashnode and DEV Community.

Key takeaways

This article has given you valuable insights on excelling as a computer science student.

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